United States Breaking News: Tangle of Data Puts Policymaking on Pause


Tangle of data puts policymaking on pause
In the past two weeks financial markets have become convinced that two years of one-way traffic from the developed world’s central banks on policy is coming to an end.Since the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis administered another jolt to the global economy three years ago, central bank decisions on more monetary easing have not so much been a question of if, but when. The same has largely gone for a fragile U.S. recovery.

Royalty Pharma urges U.S. court to let Elan bid proceed
Investment partnership Royalty Pharma urged a federal court in New York to allow it to proceed with a potential $8 billion bid for Irish drug company Elan Corp.

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source
The Guardian newspaper in London says a 29-year-old American who works as a contractor at the National Security Agency is its source of leaks about the U.S. government’s surveillance programs.




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