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The Moon Carl : BITCOIN TO $300,000!! Why BTC is the best form of money in the world!!

Dear Crypto Community and Blockchain buddies across the globe,

Welcome back to a special edition of “Cryptonites On The Road” during the World Economic Forum / Wef 2020 in Davos. In the coming weeks, we will be showcasing interviews with some of the sharpest minds in Fintech and Blockchain. So buckle up, and get ready to be Edutained!

In this episode, we are pleased to present you with a special guest, live from TechPark in Davos: Carl Aka The Moon, a crypto youtube superstar, with a great passion for Bitcoin. Being a student in economics, Carl “The Moon” fell in love with BTC and became extremely bullish ever since. Carl built a channel dedicated to educating people about btc, the best form of money the world has ever seen. The Moon crypto channel dives deep into bitcoin technical analysis, price action and focus on revealing the flaws of fiat money and why gold is not good enough for the digital age.

In this interview, The Moon Crypto – Carl reminds us all about Bitcoin’s key properties, talks about a potential recession and why he believes bitcoin will not only be a safe haven but eventually the cryptocurrency that will change the global economy forever.

Find out more about Carl “The Moon”:

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01:21 To the MOON!!
02:12 What are killer Dapps and monetary policies?
02:45 “Decentralizing money is the most important thing we should focus on”
03:40 The properties of money
04:43 Gold used to be the best form of money historically
06:05 Why the USD is easy money vs Gold…
06:52 Carl’s views on deflation
08:17 Governments lying about the inflation rates
10:07 The case of real estate prices going up
12:05 The value of Bitcoin is tremendously higher than the price of Bitcoin
13:58 People will realize on the long run that Bitcoin will have a purpose
14:24 Views on CNBC promoting the BTC havening
15:20 More attention will turn towards Bitcoin after the havening
16:12 Predictions for the next Bull run
18:38 Helpful technical indicators
19:44 Explaining the Fibonacci ratio


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