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Guest speaker: Taras with CrossCountry Mortgage. Taras is a millennial Seattle home lender & investor, started the business a few years ago, and making over six figures, and as 25 years old- a very successful businessman.
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How Climate Migration Will Reshape America:

In August, Abrahm Lustgarten, who reports on the environment, watched fires burn just 12 miles from his home in Marin County, California. 100,000 forced to move and this is a disaster in the United State!
This episode about millennials’ money, investing, the Seattle real estate market, and different points of view on the US dollar, gold, and silver. Investing is a big topic when you start your career and looking to invest. Warren Buffett, lately investing in gold and Taras explains tangible investment strategies. Seattle protests let over 100 businesses to close in Seattle and move to Bellevue and all eastside. Seattle’s real estate commercial market went down with vacancy 18% and many investors worry about this if this going to be a permanent condition? You can listen to the millennial’s opinion about Jay Inslee and Loren Culp’s gubernatorial debate in Washington State and more. Please consider subscribing to this new podcast Youtube channel.

This is a Trigger Seattle Podcast with Oleg.
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I began selling real estate in 1999, since then, I sold over 600 properties, with a sale volume- $20,000,000/ year. I came from zero family connections, as I moved from Eastern Europe 26 years ago. As of now, I own 4 rental properties and have an enjoyable career in real estate.

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