Hampr, the on-demand laundry service app based in Lafayette, is expanding to Baton Rouge as demand has ballooned.

The app, which allows users to schedule wash-and-fold laundry services, will go live in Baton Rouge on March 14. The clothes are picked up, washed, folded and delivered by local washers — or “washrs” — who tend to be stay-at-home parents, retirees or others looking to earn supplemental income.

The idea came to founder and CEO Laurel Hess after a busy weekend, one filled with a business trip, birthday parties and the opening day of t-ball season.

“I had laundry everywhere,” said Hess, who is also the president of Rally Marketing. “I got really mad because I can get groceries delivered, if I want food from restaurant, I can do that. Why can’t I do that with laundry?”

The app launched in Lafayette at the start of the year, and the customer demand has pushed the company to expand quickly. With the expansion into Baton Rouge, the app is “primed for aggressive expansion across the United States,” the company said in a press release.

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Once the app, which has about 30 “washrs” in the Lafayette area, launches in Baton Rouge, the company will hire more locals to serve the new customers.

“We are excited to start recruiting washrs in the Baton Rouge area,” Hess said. “This opportunity provides people with a flexible way to earn supplemental income for their families.”

Hampr charges a yearly membership fee of $39 and provides specialty laundry hampers. When a hamper is full, the user can have a load washed for $10. The hampers are designed to hold one load, which helps the company keep the price at a flat-rate and not per-pound.

“The membership helps keep the quality really high, and it allows us to offer competitive pricing on the service,” Hess said. “It allows us to have the very best private washers.”

Users can supply their own detergent pods or use the company’s default brand, Dropps, a scent-free, dye-free eco-friendly detergent.

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Hess said her company differs from other laundry services in that they don’t have partnerships with laundromats. Instead, they use the private “washrs,” who are fully vetted and background-checked.

“That means less people are touching your clothes,” she said. “Your clothes aren’t being washed with anyone else’s. And there’s less room for error because we always know where your clothes are.”

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