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How much is President Donald Trump's fortune and where did he earn it? | RADIO MENA

How much is President Donald Trump’s fortune and where did he earn it?
In its list of billionaire rankings, American Forbes estimated the fortune of the 45th president of the United States of America and businessman Donald Trump at approximately $ 3.1 billion, ranking the 715th among the world’s richest, and 259th among the richest of the United States.

Before Trump reached the Oval Office, and become one of the most controversial politicians in the world, he worked in various industrial and commercial sectors, as well as has many books topped the bestseller list, and brought in a lot of profit.

Commercial Business

Trump started working in the real estate market, especially luxury real estate, and its first business was the successful renewal of the Commodore Hotel and the Grand Central façade in 1976, but the great success the company achieved was in the eighties, when it joined the business with the Holiday Inn Foundation, to develop A $ 250 million hotel and casino in Atlantic City.

And with the passage of time Trump’s brand reached a new stage of progress and success in the eighties, which can be considered the golden period of his organization, and in Manhattan he had successes and failures.

The American President owns real estate located everywhere in the world, as well as carrying famous buildings named in the United States such as Washington, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York, which include golf courses, tourist resorts, as well as several towers and skyscrapers, including residential centers, hotels, and stores We carry the names of the most important and famous international brands, and below we look at some of them.

Trump Tower

Trump owns the Trump Tower, which is valued at about $ 337 million, and the US President has about 224,000 feet of offices, retail and retail centers, and the Gucci company rents an in-store store for $ 21 million per year.

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Trump Plaza

Forbes estimated the value of Trump Plaza at about $ 40 million, which is an 85-storey tower, which is considered the second tower in the headquarters of the Trump Organization, and it has the main Trump office and residence, as well as many shops and business offices.

Trump World Hotel and Tower

With a value of about $ 19 million, it is a residential and hotel skyscraper located in the city of Chicago, and it is one of the famous buildings in the American city because it is the second tallest building there, and its design is distinctive, designed by Adrian Smith, the architect who designed the Burj Khalifa and the Kingdom Tower in Grandmother.

Trump International Tower

An estimated value of about $ 25 million, it is a skyscraper with commercial stores, retail centers, garages, apartments and residential stores. This tower is a hallmark of Manhattan in the middle of New York City, due to its dark color and its large windows that allow those inside to enjoy watching the Middle River in the middle of Manhattan.

The world of culture and entertainment

In 1987 Trump published the book “The Art of the Deal”, which topped the list of best-selling books of the time, and promoted sales of the name Trump, and encouraged him to continue writing books, so he wrote eight books after him.

Although the book “The Art of the Deal” was put on the market almost 35 years ago, but it is still making profits until now, an official document showed that the book’s sales made profits that amounted to one million dollars.

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Trump has also worked in retail trade, by launching a shirt and tie line, and according to official reports, Trump has made behind this trade $ 3.25 million USD.


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