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How did US Dollar dominate the World forcefully ?

How did US Dollar dominate the World forcefully ?

Who does not love the U.S. Dollar?

From the last 50 years, the King Dollar has been ruling with an iron hand.

Any coup attempted has been dealt with ferocious retaliation affecting the whole world economy.

The reign of King Dollar started in 1941 with an attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese army. United States of America entered World War II and its economy came out of the Great Depression of 1929.

King Dollar always had ambitions of conquering the world not only by its military strength but also by
its financial might and shrewd world economic policies.

With the entry in World War II in December 1941, US-led the allied forces to victory and the World War
ended in 1945 with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Japanese surrendered on 15th August 1945 to the mighty Americans.

Historians still debate the necessity of the use of nuclear bombs, as Japan was already negotiating
surrender through the Russians.

But the nuclear attack was essential to maintain the new order of the world system where the US would remain as the
ultimate Superpower.

In 1944, when the whole world was reeling under war, the US was the only country going through an economic boom.

The American economy under the leadership of President F.D. Roosevelt grew from $88.6 billion to $ 135 billion
in 1944.

The US strengthened its position further through the Bretton Woods System in July 1944 and established the World Bank and IMF.

World Bank set up for the reconstruction of countries ravaged by war has functioned as America’s alter ego, its own self made magical mirror

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the war ended, United States was the only country which emerged as the world’s superpower in the economic, military, and financial strength as rest of the world was either
reeling under poverty, civil war, or debt.

For the next 30 years, America witnessed an era of unprecedented economic growth.

In the early 1970s, the European countries, Germany, France, and Britain questioned the viability of the Bretton Woods System as the US was experiencing high trade deficit and excessive government spending.

Dollar’s hegemony was threatened as some countries, France, Germany and even Britain started demanding gold for their dollar holdings as laid down by the Bretton Woods System.

By 1970s US economy had got used to the benefits of artificial demand of dollars created by the Bretton Woods System.

Thus abandoning the Bretton Woods agreement was extremely painful for the US which it did in 1971.

To maintain its economic superiority, the Petrodollar agreement with the Saudi’s was a masterstroke that left the whole world to be dazzled. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, negotiated the ‘oil for dollar deal’ with Saudi Arabia.
Emperor as Petrodollar was the new world currency which enabled US to live beyond its means by creating artificial demand for the dollar.

Fast-forward to 1991, Operation Desert Storm. Evolution of Euro as currency had already started. War of Iraq was not against ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction but against Petroeuros.

Iraq’s rebellion against US was taken as a threat to dollar, the most important pillar of American empire.

The United States of America could not afford to lose its reserve currency status.

Not perfectly, but deals are being made all over the world to ignore the king.

Let’s first discuss the qualities of the most serious contender for Snowwhite – CHINA.

Chinese are even buying out American companies such as Smithfield Foods, largest pork producer and
the processor in the world, AMC Entertainment, one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States.

China may or may not be the next reserve currency, but the dollar definitely is losing its strength day by day.

The US debt to GDP ratio is 101.6%.

The neverending issuance of debt by the US government, bailing out domestic banks and printing dollars to prop its ailing economy has adversely affected the world economy.

The economic machinery of the USA is being run in the illusion of being a reserve currency of the world.

The dollar has become a Fiat currency in which the world is losing faith.

But what is the king doing about all of this?

He is busy finding another rogue country not following the terms and conditions of US-dominated world agencies. So who is the next IRAQ…….

No prizes for guessing, SYRIA.

Syria, because it has its own independent foreign policy not dictated by the United States or Saudi Arabia or

And the mask of weapons of mass destruction is not for oil this time but for natural gas!

The American interference in Syria started in 2011 with the beginning of the civil war.

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