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Dr. Corsi COUP DEEP DIVE 05-06-20: How Hillary Sold Russian Disinformation to DOJ/FBI, Pt. 1

Dr. Corsi Shares Facts From His Book Coup d’Etat, Part 3
Washington Times: New intel chief pivotal in releasing classified dossier bombshell
Richard Grenell removes redactions showing Kremlin fed disinformation to Christopher Steele

Two Republican senators knew of some explosive details lurking inside an inspector general’s report when on April 2 they reached out to Richard Grenell, the newly installed acting director of national intelligence who was already making his mark in just two months.

The senators had read classified footnotes that showed Russia fed disinformation for the infamous Christopher Steele dossier used by the FBI to try to bring down President Trump. They wanted the secret spilled, legally.


Coup d’Etat Page 50: “Steele’s reports led readers to conclude that Trump had been colluding with Russia, with both sides trading favors, in a series of lucrative real
estate and development business deals in Russia, especially in connection
with the 2018 World Cup, which was hosted by Russia. *is, plus various
claims Trump had worked with Russian oligarchs to convince Putin
to allow Trump to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, set up the basis for
arguing that Putin had “compromised” Trump.”

Page 51: “Emails document that as early as January 12, 2016, when Steele sent
Ohr a New Year’s greeting, he brought up the case of Oleg Deripaska—
the Russian billionaire aluminum magnate and close associate of Vladimir
Putin—who at that time was trying to get a visa to visit the United States
to attend an Asia-Pacific economic meeting.”

“Deripaska had ties with former senator John McCain and Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager who Mueller prosecuted for tax evasion regarding o2shore banking accounts that Manafort maintained from his work overseas, including his work in Ukraine.”

Coup d’Etat goes on to expose the links between Cabal members, their spouses, their government positions, and the wicked web woven to weaponize all of the members and their relationships, in order to take down first candidate Trump, and then President Trump.

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