HomeChina's Tech Giant Huawei Banned In USA And Its Effects On US-China Trade RelationsTechChina's Tech Giant Huawei Banned In USA And Its Effects On US-China Trade Relations

China's Tech Giant Huawei Banned In USA And Its Effects On US-China Trade Relations

Watch China’s Tech Giant Huawei Banned In USA And Its Effects On US-China Trade Relations

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(Summary of the Speech is as Follows)

Reporter: Huawei is accusing the United States of trying to infiltrate its company, snoop around. Huawei. Do you have any comment on that?

President Trump: No. It’s a national security concern. Huawei is a big concern of our military, of our intelligence agencies. And we are not doing business with Huawei. It’ll stop almost completely in a very short period of time. And we’ll see what happens with respect to China.

But Huawei has been not a player that we want to discuss, we want to talk about, right now. We’re not going to be doing business with Huawei. We’re going to do our own business, you know, the old-fashioned way.  We’ll do right from within the United States, which is what I’ve been saying for a long time.

And, by the way, speaking of tariffs, there are no tariffs. If you want to build or make these products in the United States, there are no tariffs whatsoever. And people are coming back now to the United States in large numbers.

Reporter: Mr. President, Senator Daines and Senator Perdue just returned from a visit to China where they met with the Vice Premier, Liu He. Did you approve that meeting? And was it helpful?

President Trump: I approved it, and my people approved it. China asked for the meeting. They have a lot of respect for Senator Daines and for Senator Perdue; so do I.

They’re friends of mine, and they’re great senators doing a fantastic job. I knew about the meeting. I approved of the meeting. And all they did is say that we really have bipartisan support.

If you look at it and the support is very serious. So we’re not playing games. And that was the message that was given by Senator Perdue and Senator Daines, and it was given very strongly.

They absolutely had my permission, and they also spoke to Ambassador Lighthizer and Secretary Mnuchin about the trip, before they went there.

Reporter: Was it helpful?

President Trump: Well, they told me the attitude of China, and I think, basically, they said that China would like to do something.  Like I know they’d like to do something.  Look, they’re having their worst year in, you know, many, many decades, as I said.

They’re having a supply chain that’s being absolutely fractured and broken, which is very bad for them. They’ve lost 3 million jobs, and the jobs are moving to Vietnam and other places, including the United States, by the way. Some people are just making the product here.

But they’re moving all over Asia and some here. And, you know, if I were China, I’d want to make a deal. I can’t tell you, but I want to make a deal. And I can tell you, they do want to make a deal. We’ll see if we can do a real deal, not a fake deal, like the fake media. A real deal. Okay?


Original Air Date: 10th September, 2019
News Channel: Great American Buzz


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