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18: Global Financial System Truth and Transitioning – Dan Duval

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– Our level of ignorance is engineered
– Folly of trying to fit a Godly system into a fixed paradigm
– System is rigged: winners and losers are picked
– Navigating a debt-based system
– What a central bank really is
– Petro dollar
– The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
– The Federal Reserve in 1913
– Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers
– Illuminati controlled system
– Paying interest to print our currency
– Quantitative easing flooding the market
– Engineered deficit
– Bankruptcy is the only debt is eliminated
– Fractional reserve ratios
– Predatory system must have losers…us!
– Banking system as a grid
– The City of London
– Realm/Kingdom/Government thinking
– The United States was incorporated in 1871
– Our “value” as collateral
– Trade is a pre-Adamic concept
– The real reason Satan was cast out of heaven
– Economic hitmen
– Trade is transdimensional, and why that’s important
– God wants to bring in a solution from heaven
– Destroying grids in the spirit realm
– Displace to Replace agenda
– Leveraging justice cases against the powers of darkness
– Bring central banks interest rates to $0
– Nations will want this wisdom God is revealing
– Rewiring the systems that have run the world
– Sheep nations
– Trade into your heavenly account
– Trading across timelines…it happens
– Free masonic trading away of our destinies
– Soul trafficked parts of people
– Nehemiah 1:8-9 – “farthest parts of the heavens”
– Activating resources from heaven
– Difference between debt and lending
– Usury is not God’s wisdom
– Required maturation process for leveraging heaven’s resources
– Some called to displace, some to replace, some to both
– Challenge the traditional methods of building business
– Attending Camp Kwitcherbitchen and gettin ‘er done

“We don’t understand the system we’re navigating, so we just go through life getting loans and putting money in the pockets of those who engineered the system.”
“It’s all about defeating God for these people. They are working with Lucifer to win a war against God, and earth is the battlefield.”
“Generations of Christians have navigated a broken system that is designed to help them lose.”
“The things in the storehouses of heaven are designed to be deployed into the earth.”
“God is calling people, and giving them mandates that they MUST make a LOT of money.”
“How do you think you can subtract the maturation process from the natural realm when God does not subtract it from the spiritual realm?”


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