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👍 An EASY Way to Pay Off The US National Debt!

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The US National Debt is $20 trillion and it is still rising. Is there any way to pay it off?

Well, there is an easy solution!

Yes, this is the US national debt. And it’s growing faster than ever. We must admit, the debt situation is only expected to get worse in the coming years.

But there is an easy way to pay it off.

I know, it sounds unbelievable, but watch the video to the end, and in a little while you will understand what I mean.
Ok, 20 trillion dollars.
20. Trillion. Dollars.
Not billion, but trillion.
It’s a huge amount of money, isn’t it? Well, everything’s relative.
Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world. His net worth is around eighty-five billion dollars, which is only zero, point, zero, eighty-five trillion dollars.
So the current size of the US national debt, 20 trillion dollars, might seem an unbelievably, astonishingly huge amount of money. But let’s compare it to another number.
26 trillion dollars.
20 trillion and 26 trillion.
If we had 26 trillion dollars, we would have no problems paying off the debt, right?
And what is fantastic is that we do have 26 trillion dollars.
26 trillion dollars – this is the current size of the US retirement market. What is the US retirement market? 401ks, Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, 403bs and so on. 26 trillion dollars – this is how much money Americans have in their retirement accounts.
Do you understand what I am getting at?
Have you ever heard something like “The US Government has its eye on retirement accounts”? Now you know that technically, mathematically it’s possible.
Of course, we all understand that there is no need to pay off this debt like you pay off your credit card debt, or like you pay off your mortgage. But the point of this video is to demonstrate that the US national debt is not that huge, not that unimaginably astronomically large number. It’s not that large in comparison to the US retirement market, and the US retirement market is our money in IRAs, in DC plans, in government DB plans and so on.
You still think it’s a joke? What if I told you that, in 2010 Portugal,
in 2011 Ireland and France,
in 2013 Poland seized retirement account assets to help plug holes with government deficits.
People tend to learn from other people. Governments tend to learn from other governments, don’t they?
Jim Rogers, a famous American investor, businessman believes that private accounts might be the next ones the government raids.
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And let me know what you think about the US national debt.
See you in the next episode. And don’t forget to click here:
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