HomeWATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING OIL ETFs!! | How Crude Oil ETFs Work | Investing, Dividends, Stocks, ETFsReal EstateWATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING OIL ETFs!! | How Crude Oil ETFs Work | Investing, Dividends, Stocks, ETFs

WATCH THIS BEFORE BUYING OIL ETFs!! | How Crude Oil ETFs Work | Investing, Dividends, Stocks, ETFs

Today I’m giving an update on the recent developments of FREE OIL and NEGATIVE OIL PRICES in the last two weeks of April. The United States is running out of Oil Storage space causing oil prices to go negative as small traders struggle to find storage space. This is the most oil price has tanked in a single day. Talk about an Oil Price Collapse!!!

This video also covers Oil ETFs and why you should watch out and understand the risks of investing in oil and gas ETFs before making the initial investment. A lot of folks are jumping right into Oil ETFs in the stock market and are not appropriately evaluating their risks.

Track the price here: https://www.bloomberg.com/energy
US petroleum status report: https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/supply/weekly/pdf/table1.pdf
Working and Net Available Shell Capacity: https://www.eia.gov/petroleum/storagecapacity/table1.pdf

More on why we have been in this oil price war since late 2014, and what companies I would buy in this continued oil recessed market. Hint: DON’T BUY HIGHLY LEVERAGED COMPANIES. I talk about if I will buy more energy stocks, and share my investing, dividends and passive income towards the very end of the video.

For those of you who are new to the channel I generally talk about the dividend income I received in February 2020 from my dividend investing portfolio. This income comes from M1 Finance, fidelity investments, fundrise and cardone capital. At the moment, the dividend investing portfolio has just under $400,000 a multitude of dividend paying positions, and pays approximately $12,300 in dividend income. The entire portfolio is a good diversification into other stocks and financial institutions. 2019 pulled in just under $9000 in dividend income and over $10,600 in passive income if you include YouTube Income. Investing has picked up over the past few years, but I believe dividend investing 2020 is the way to go.

Initially I kick off the video by going through my dividend portfolio overview and how the portfolio has been impacted by the recent market volatility which required me adding a lot of money into the portfolio into dividend stock to offset the losses and increase overall passive income of the dividend investing portfolio. That said, I prefer the dividends coming that provide the passive income rather than the capital gains in the portfolio, but it is nice to have a nest egg in the stock market in case I need to allocate capital to anything like real estate or what not in 2020.

I also touch on a few) dividend increases. MAIN and WFC are one of my all time favorite dividend stocks 2020. They allow you to have the stocks I use to get monthly dividend payments. It is one of the best dividend stocks I know of, especially if you want those 2020 dividends.

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Feel free to use this as a way you can learn how to invest in the stock market, how to start investing in businesses, or make money online.


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