Real Estate Investing: How to Play the Housing Market Without Buying a House


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There is a market that is more than three times the size of the global stock market and that it’s a space that can be played dozens of different ways.

The space? The real estate market.

Not only is the sector massive, but there are so many styles of real estate investing:

– You could buy a home in your local market, or a vacation rental property.
– You could buy Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), or home builder stocks.
– You could “house hack” or hop into commercial real estate thanks to equity crowdfunding.

In this video, we break down how to invest in real estate — our way.

We explain how investors at every level can get a piece of the real estate market, which real estate companies and reit stocks are worth your time, and some of the lesser known ways to make big money investing in the housing market.

And after we wrap up, we’ll take your questions, LIVE!

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