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Mint Mobile Activation Guide & Number Port!

A guide on how to port your number to Mint Mobile and get activated on their service. See Mint’s plans here → https://phoneplan.info/mint-mobile

1. Follow the guide in my previous video on how to order the SIM starter kit (“Cleverness Kit”) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYlWB1T0Q10
2. Your Kit should arrive in a few days
3. Get the following information from your carrier: Account Number, Account PIN, Billing ZIP, phone number you wish to port
4. When your kit arrives, go to Mint’s website (https://phoneplan.info/Mint-Mobile) and click “Activate” toward the top right of the page
5. Enter your activation code located on back top right corner of your SIM card
6. Enter your ZIP code and click “Transfer an Existing Number”
7. Enter your current account details you got in Step 3 and click “Transfer”
8. Agree to Mint’s return policy
9. Turn auto-renew OFF and SKIP your billing info (“skip for now” located at the bottom)
10. Create your account (Name, email, create a password)
11. WAIT. The porting process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. I’ve had number ports take as little as 10 minutes. In this instance, my number took 72 hours to complete. My current service stayed completely fine and active until the port was complete. If you have both SIMs with you and are able to swap them out, you should have little to no gap in your service.
12. Congrats! You’re now setup and active on Mint Mobile. Go to Mint’s website and click “Sign in” to view and manage your account.

Leave questions and I’ll try and answer them as best I can!

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