Granting Amnesty To Undocumented Workers Would Boost Economy By $1.7 TRILLION


Economists have found a way to boost the economy and help create more jobs in the United States: Grant amnesty to roughly 10 million undocumented immigrants already in the country. This move, according to research, would create a major economic boom that would be felt by all workers, while also generating increased economic activity and tax revenue. Farron Cousins discusses the new reports and what it could mean for the country.

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According to a startling new report from the center for American progress. If the Biden administration decided to grant amnesty to the 10 million undocumented immigrants here in the United States, if he did that today and economic analysis shows that over the next 10 years, those 10 million individually jewels would create a net boom of $1.7 trillion in new economic activity here in the United States. Not ironically that $1.7 trillion number, you know, the increased economic activity from giving amnesty to 10 million people, uh, that also happens to be the same amount of student loan debt held, uh, between 40 million Americans. So if we granted amnesty to these individuals, we could literally pay off everybody’s student loan debts. Hell. If we granted amnesty to everybody, we generate enough economic activity to be able to afford programs like Medicare for all. Oh, and by the way, the analysis also showed that not only would this create the $1.7 trillion, it would also create more than 400,000 new jobs here in the United States. And the result would be that it would

Raise wages in all sectors, raise

Wages in all sectors for all workers. According this analysis from the center for American progress, here’s some hard and fast truths about immigrants here in the United States.

Businesses depend on them. There

Are many industries here in the United States that would not be able to survive without migrant workers coming in or without undocumented workers coming in.

And we know that because we have

Seen certain states Georgia many years ago actually got rid of their temporary guest worker visa program. And what happened was that farmers couldn’t find people to go out and tend to their fields. You had crops literally rotting in the field because nobody would take the job to go out there and do it because they couldn’t get the immigrants to come in and do it. We saw it during the Trump years when he limited the number of visas available, not of course for his own businesses. He still brought him in for that. But, uh, you had landscaping companies say they didn’t know how they were going to be able to do this cause they can’t get the workers. You, once again had farmers throughout the country saying, we don’t know how we’re going to do this without the workers, meat, packing plants, all sorts of industries who depend on these workers. And unfortunately many of them get exploited because they are undocumented in some cases. So granting amnesty to these individuals, not only finally treats them like human beings, which is probably the biggest, biggest issue here, but it helps everybody else out as well. Maureen activity means more money being spread throughout the economy, which means more tax revenue for the United States, which means we can afford better things to better lives of American citizens of Congress. Wasn’t so backwards all the time. That’s what could happen in the United States,

But it won’t

Corporations love to exploit these workers. Nothing fears scares them more, excuse me,

Than amnesty because if they

Get amnesty and they start working here legally,

They have to pay them wages. Real wages, hell may even have to give them some benefits.

Corporations won’t allow this to happen, but at least now we know the truth about what would happen in this country.

If it did.



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