Back to Basics: Long-term Debt Sustainability, Horasis Extraordinary Meeting on the USA, March 2021


Back to Basics: Long-term Debt Sustainability
There is a definable need to help developing nations through debt-service suspension and stronger debt restructuring transparency – but the US and other developed nations face their own large post-COVID debt management. What choices are there for the G20 in a COVID-depressed global economy? Where are the priorities for long-term Debt Sustainability?
• Karen Amram, Chair of the High Level Forum, GIANT, France
• Mahesh Kotecha, President, Structured Credit International Corp., USA
• Ezi Rapaport, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, empower Africa, Israel
• Arun Sharma, President, Grovepike Associates, USA
• Aleksandr Stommels, President, Circle of Sustainable Europe, Belgium
Chaired by
• Saruhan Hatipoglu, Chief Executive Officer, BERI, USA



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